Tailor made

By actively particpating in core markets, we gain experience, understanding and competencies.
Our capabilities

Our line of service

Product Engineering

Taking you through a process of, architechting and engineering from the ground up. Conceptualization to completion.

Mobile Development

Mobile first, enabling your platform, product for mobile provides scale at launhcing, and increases accessibility of your product or service.

IT Consulting

General IT Consulting, consulting, facilitating of the latested hardware and software available on the market for your specific needs.

UI/ UX design

User Interface Design and User Experience Design.Our team can deliver unique user expereinces accross your website or app.


Seemless devlops for critical software or applications. sector specialization in finance, insurance, e-commerce, health-care.

QA & testing

Product testing and quality assurance accross your platform. Facilitating regular audits to ensure a good standard of housekeeping and operational efficiency.

Scrum coaching

Coaching to develope deliver and maintain complex products. This service is specifically for companies who are continously building new products and intergrating into existing portfolios.
Here's how we work

Our process

01. Initial research

We learn all about what your company is about including your long term goals and challenges.

02. Ideation phase

We'll analyze which channels and approach you're currently using to market your company.

03. Campaign launch

Next, we lay the foundation of your inbound marketing efforts by setting up the appropriate systems to maximize your budget.

04. Learn & measure

Using the channels that work for your company, we'll develop campaigns that attract, convert, close, and delight your customers

05. Optimization

Each month we'll review what's working and what needs to be optimized.
integrated solutions

IT consulting

We provide the following services through Verve Media Group Africa and our company brands and products

IAAS | Infrastructure as a service
Cloud and specialized hosting infrastructure.
Connectivity | ISP
A full range of connectivity services can be accessed through Verve Media Group Africa, Connectivity Solutions include, Fibre, Mobile Data, APN services, LTE Services.
Business Intelligence
Turnkey BI solutions, tooling, benchmarking and reporting training.
Products design and development
From ideation to launch, developing and maintaining digital assets of value.


  • Cross-Channel Reporting & Insight Creation
  • Business Intelligence through Proprietary Dashboards
  • Proprietary Tech Platforms
  • KPI Development & Measurement Planning
  • Marketing Platform Selection & Solutions Integration
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Cross-Channel Attribution
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