GIDS Foundation launches with big data give-away

GIDS Foundation, promoting women inclusion in the technology sector.

Founded in 2021, GIDS Foundation is a newly established Non-profit looking to be an inclusion partner in the technology sector. Executive Director Jade-lee Herman is spearheading the foundation, having noticed a significant lack of participation of women in the technology sector.

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GIDS Mission

"Our mission is to create an environment that encourages and capacitates women with the skills to confidently excel within their chosen career or entrepreneurial pursuit within technological industries.

Creating a culture of Inspired women who lead by using the technological tools and industries available."

Why GIDS Foundation?

The GIDS FOUNDATION was founded to encourage women to be more than they thought possible. To help those with ambition but no means to achieve their goals. GIDS strives to develop integrated market strategies for the product / business units assigned to the portfolio. To be the interface between the assigned business unit and marketing. To initiate and drive strategic marketing plans to ensure business unit customer growth.

GIDS Partners with Connect One Africa | #WinWithGIDS

GIDS has partnered with Connect One Africa in a competition where entrants stand a chance to in 100GB data Monthly for 12 Months.

The competition seeks to enable one lucky person with a 100GB/month Data Simcard. "We are looking for someone with an inspiring story, to benefit from the competition. Someone who is fighting tooth and nail to achieve their goals, improve themselves and ultimately serve others." - Connect One Africa CEO Shaun Le Ray

Find out how to enter the competition below.

Win with GIDS Competition | Banner
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Google Analytics 4 Update

31 March 2021

WordPress Esperanza

1 April 2021

How to enter the competition:

Who can enter the competition? South African citizens older than the age of 18 residing in South Africa.

The winner will be announced on the 30th April 2021.

GIDS Foundation's mandate.

The focus is to capacitate women, like domestic workers, University drop outs, high school dropouts, mothers who couldn't afford to study or leave children to go work etc, with skills so they can thrive within the 4IR market.

Goals & Objectives:

  1. Offer women an IT SKILL
  2. Upskill the women so as to earn a sustainable income
  3. Business Development for untrained women
  4. Offer women sustainable lifestyle options

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